Equipment Appraising

Cornerstone Equipment Solutions offers certified equipment appraisals on all types of equipment; including but not limited to landscaping equipment, heavy machinery, manufacturing equipment, restaurant equipment, and medical equipment.  All appraisals completed are certified appraisals.  The appraisals can be used for business loans or line of credit, buying/selling a business, filing for bankruptcy, dissolving a partnership or marriage, and for collateral purposes for the SBA   The appraisers from Cornerstone Equipment Solutions are certified through the Institute of Equipment Valuation and hold the ECA designation.   All appraisal reports are USPAP compliant.

Assignment Types:

  1. Appraisal Report (multiple intended users)
  2. Appraisal Desktop Report
  3. Restricted Appraisal (One intended user)
  4. Restricted Appraisal Desktop Report

Types of Values:

  1. Fair Market Value (FMV)
  2. Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV)
  3. Forced Liquidation Value (FLV)