Cornerstone Equipment Solutions offers equipment financing and appraisal services.

Our equipment financing options include equipment leasing and equipment financing dependent on your overall needs and goals. At Cornerstone, we listen to your needs, identify solutions, and execute financing options. Our goal is to assist in growing your company by leveraging equipment financing. Being solution based, is what sets us apart.

The Difference

Cornerstone Equipment Solutions is an equipment finance company that is customer centric not sales driven. This means no high-pressure or goal-oriented sales team. Our success is measured by the success of our customers. Our name describes our mission. That is providing quality equipment financing solutions to all of our customers.


As mentioned, we at Cornerstone Equipment Solutions are customer centric. This means we understand each customer is unique and may be in a different stage of their business. That is why it is important for us to understand what your needs are. Then from there, we can look at finance options for you. If it means offering an equipment lease because the equipment you will be using becomes obsolete quickly, offering financing/leasing solutions to a start-up, or assisting someone in purchasing a used piece of equipment to help grow their business. We want to align our customers with options based upon needs. Your success is our success.